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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just balmy this morning at 31 degrees... but I've got to find a way to get air in the tire (past 60 psi, at which point it spews the pump thingy off)... or go ahead and change the tube and have this one as the spare.
A lady from Mahomet admired it at Parkland, saying that she rode pretty much for all her stuff at home, but not out to Parkland. I maintained that the ride to & from Mahomet was nicer than the ride to & from Urbana (since it's not going through town) and she might think about doing it. Without something like the Xtracycle, though, she's going to have a little trouble hauling whatever instrument that was (french horn?) that, of course, would have been *fine* on my bike. - I've been making cannabinoids already, perhaps? Do I need to fear a drug test?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Average highs are back into the forties and we'll be heading there by tomorrow - spring is in the air!!!

Still, Frank sent me this link - is a good place to visit to appreciate that it ain't over yet!

First significant load test on the Xtracycle - brought my bike trainer in it. It really does handle well and it wasn't that much harder to crank it up the little upgrades along the way. I'm really impressed.

Monday, February 13, 2006

fifteen degrees this morning with a *stiff* headwind - now it's saying 21 mph, and the buildings didn't seem to do as good a job as usual. Maybe that's a function of takng Green Street, though - might be less protected than John St.

Friday, February 10, 2006 - "Friends don't let friends drive" ... as in Quaker type Friends...

28 degrees this morning... 15 yesterday.

Okay, I got cursed at last night! ... sort of... "You got enough f *&^ ing LIGHTS???" ... and by the time the sentence was finished, he was gone... had been perfectly sensible passing me... so I suspect he just needed to shout. Or... karma 'cause I confess that when the young lady in the car drove slowly behind me, then honked as she went by me, and looked like a stereotypical Undergrad Princess... I was compelled to smile, wave, and say, "Good morning, B*!" So... maybe one thing does lead to another - I'll leave off the invective next time and work on not even thinking it...

This in contrast to the fellow on the same road this week who passed me very decorously, and so at the light I sort of pulled away to the side to communicate that he wasn't going to have to pass me *again* on that obnoxiously skinny road. Window goes down: "I was just trying not to hit you!" I tried my utmost to convey that "Yes, I know, I appreciate it!" Young male driver, even. So much for stereotypes!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Xtraycle's not significantly slower than pre-Radical. The Illini Chill was a breeze - actually, 15-20 mph WINDS - and the only downside was the flat tire on the finish, and the complication of finding somebody whose car was big enough to handle it. (Pump and spare Schrader-valve tube were in the other backpack. IT's like regular ladies and switching purses ;-))
THen the replacement tube refused to take more than 60 psi before spewing my pump head off - whether Joe Blow or the ROad Morph. I got 80 into it at the bike shop (the tire *says* more... but tires on that bike have never had more than 70.)
22 degrees this mornign, and the good tights were still wet. Wasn't too cold in my "no sweat" sports pants (they're from and $8.40 right now... I just don't buy that "cotton is rotten" schtick, it's fine if things aren't extreme) and thin sweats though, even after working up a fair froth at champaign cycle indoor training ride.
Bike 2006: 441 miles. Car: 201 miles.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tonight... tonight... I'll get my bike tonight... I'll get up on my bike, and go far...

Drove the black one today, with its broken spoke wrapped around the spoke next door, on the faithful premise that indeed, Scot would work his magic and have have the Free Radical ready to roll. Five o'clock and I'm headed down there...

ILLINI CHILL is Saturday

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