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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Xtraycle's not significantly slower than pre-Radical. The Illini Chill was a breeze - actually, 15-20 mph WINDS - and the only downside was the flat tire on the finish, and the complication of finding somebody whose car was big enough to handle it. (Pump and spare Schrader-valve tube were in the other backpack. IT's like regular ladies and switching purses ;-))
THen the replacement tube refused to take more than 60 psi before spewing my pump head off - whether Joe Blow or the ROad Morph. I got 80 into it at the bike shop (the tire *says* more... but tires on that bike have never had more than 70.)
22 degrees this mornign, and the good tights were still wet. Wasn't too cold in my "no sweat" sports pants (they're from and $8.40 right now... I just don't buy that "cotton is rotten" schtick, it's fine if things aren't extreme) and thin sweats though, even after working up a fair froth at champaign cycle indoor training ride.
Bike 2006: 441 miles. Car: 201 miles.

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