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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Okay, a balmy 28 today, but nasty stuff headed this way on the morrow (unless I can convince it otherwise... except that I still like snow :-)).

There were two bicycles - one on Mattis, one on Neil - when I crawled the car home Thursday. The mountain bike on Mattis seemed to be having more trouble gaining purchase [a word which only TODAY was successfully recalled... age is amusing...] but p'raps he was just spinning more in a lower gear than the skinny-tired road bike. Not sure I'm ready to join 'em tomorrow, though I am **tired** of driving!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Six, schmix... the bank on Vine said 0, the one at Country Fair/Springfield said -1, tho' WILL said 'between 1 & 2.' I wore my *coat* (and was toasty) on the grounds that I got a genuine chill Monday night. The coat's so warm that I don't have the post-ride problem of all the cold air caught between the layers trying to get out unless I change right away (and separate them, or else they're still cold later).

It was cold enough that the chain had trouble bending around the derailleur so I couldn't push too hard on the pedals after coasting or stopping. Shifting was also a lost cause - wonder if cables would break. P'raps the one-speed would be a better idea... how do coaster brakes do in subzero conditions?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yesterday, at 6 degrees on the bank thermometer (4 at the airport, 8 at WILL), I nonetheless encountered four other cyclists on the route in (Green Street, since it would be most likely to be clear).

This morning WILL news informed me that yes, there will be a "makeover" of Lincoln Avenue, though there are still concerns about the four foot shoulder that is a foot shy of what's recommended for bicyclists. WILL had somebody whose name is evading me talking about the surprise about bicyclists who "took over" the four-foot shoulder somewhere else. Excuuuuuse me for driving my bike on the road... trying not to be a knee-jerk cyclist, but if using the road is "taking it over," then you're showing your attitude that I'm invading your space, not simply trying to be another commuter getting to work. **IF** I can get you to recognize that I need a path to work as much as you do, and that roads can actually be paths for cars and bikes, then you're "taking over" in your car as much as I'm "taking over" on my bike. How 'bout we ride together? Like people in the same community?
To dream, perhaps...

Can't say I agree with Gary Cziko about the bus pullouts... Yes, we already contend with them. No, it ain't anything like safe, especially when busses will park with their four-way flashers on... and then pull out just before they turn them off.

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