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Friday, February 10, 2006 - "Friends don't let friends drive" ... as in Quaker type Friends...

28 degrees this morning... 15 yesterday.

Okay, I got cursed at last night! ... sort of... "You got enough f *&^ ing LIGHTS???" ... and by the time the sentence was finished, he was gone... had been perfectly sensible passing me... so I suspect he just needed to shout. Or... karma 'cause I confess that when the young lady in the car drove slowly behind me, then honked as she went by me, and looked like a stereotypical Undergrad Princess... I was compelled to smile, wave, and say, "Good morning, B*!" So... maybe one thing does lead to another - I'll leave off the invective next time and work on not even thinking it...

This in contrast to the fellow on the same road this week who passed me very decorously, and so at the light I sort of pulled away to the side to communicate that he wasn't going to have to pass me *again* on that obnoxiously skinny road. Window goes down: "I was just trying not to hit you!" I tried my utmost to convey that "Yes, I know, I appreciate it!" Young male driver, even. So much for stereotypes!

What a cool article at that Quaker site.

Speaking of car-free Christians, I had a Schizophrenic Amish man spend the night at my home in Sidney for a couple of days. I'm serious! His wife kicked him out of their house in Arthur, he hitchhiked to Champaign and a friend of mine found him wandering around town, lost on a Sunday morning. She brought him to this Pentecostal church in Urbana where I was a minister. I was at the front and watched him walk in and asked a guy next to me: "Is that an Amish guy in a Pentecostal church?" He sang and clapped his hands and everything, but he was indeed 100% Amish.

He crashed at my place for a couple of days. I took him back down to his home in Arthur, met his wife and family and got to know them a little bit. The teens all had cellphones and radios. The house was absolutely gorgeous and all handbuilt. It was a fascinating experience.
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