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Monday, January 30, 2006

sNOW flurries today. Good to be back in the midwest... I MISSED MY BICYCLE in SF and dint' see a single interesting bike, and saw a ton of beamers and a Rolls Royce. Felt like I was in Northern Virginia, though I must say it was a little less insane traffic-wise... okay, felt like i was in Olde Towne Alexandria.
Now to get on the Racer and go home, remembering that I broke a spoke last Wednesday and hoping it doesn't unwrap and tangle into anything for the trip home... tomorrow I should get the Free Radical...

Monday, January 23, 2006

No freezing raind today, but freezing fog. Also has interesting effects - instead of crunchy walls of ice, it's little wisps of frost. I was like the lawn. I've never been frosty before! You could see the tiny little crystals, whispering around in the air.

I think I saw another Free Radical yesterday, in front of me on Race St on my way home from (da da! trumpets and drum rolls!) winning AGAIN at teh indoor time trials... and this time I actually had to go faster than at least one person! I chased it down (the Free Radical, not the one person) but only saw it turning corners until it disappeared into a driveway (just sucked it right up!) on Vermont Street.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Going to be 50 today... degrees, not years.
Weather channel noted a shipwreck exposed in SD for first time since the '30's, and speculated about Dust BOwls.
Is it just dumb luck that oil seems to be fading just as global warming is truly kicking in?
ROde the black bike. Only saw 2 other bikes (weather must be too good - I saw 3 in the freezing rain).

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Online fun for the day... go to cafepress and look for "bicycling" products.
"If found on the ground, please dust me off and put me back on my bicycle."

bicycle is at Champaign Cycle to get its Free Radical on. I get to ride the Big Black THing 'til it's ready, slated for next Wednesday (but maybe it will be quicker!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yes, we made the paper, but not online so I have to wait for somebody to show it to me :-)

Filled in detail: Spent last Thursday lunch at CUMTD (champaign-urbana mass transit department) at a web broadcast survey of Bicycle Treatments. That would be: what do different places do on their roads to try to direct bicycle traffic?

Interesting stuff - including a railroad caution sign showing a cyclist doing an endo over railroad tracks, as well as "bike boxes" (place in front of traffic at an intersection where bikes get to go first), funky painted bike lanes, special signs saying "bikes take full lane here," flashing lights that say "Bicyclist in tunnel," and all kinds of stuff.

Bike treatment page ( ) links to the powerpoint with pictures & everything :-) have at it!

Today was my first time riding in freezing rain.
When I googled for how to ride in freezing rain, the prominent hits were ones that included "rides may be canceled" in the text. Trying to tell me something? has a more optimistic view, and of course (Icebike ... and yes, I"m sure that top photo is a compilation...)

It was like a dare since I had a long weekend, was caught up on laundry, stepped on teh scale Saturday (haven't since Oct or so, I don't obsess), rode 40+ miles yesterday but it made me tired so I want to ride more, and didn't want to drive. WILL said it was 34 degrees and raining a little.
I rode half mile in ordinary drizzle, stopped at my friends' house to feed their cat, caught the weather channel informing me that it was ICY now, with freezing rain. Stepped outside and felt the railing up the stairs... yup, that's what freezing rain does on a metal rail. Got on the bike to go back home to get the car. Welp, no freezing rain on the ROAD. Didn't feel freezing to me. Turned back around (those people at the crosswalk must *know* I'm certifiable now - they've watched me throw sticks at the window to wake Pete up when I didn't have the keys) and headed to Green Street.
Thought "Oh, this isn't too wise... this is my late day so there's more traffic." Made basically every light. Feet got really wet (sneakers and socks aren't exactly foul weather gear). Fancy wicking tights did their job, though, so only the sweats got rainy.
Saw three or four other bikes. Did *not* get splashed by a big truck that could have, but he slowed 'way down. (Didn't get splashed by anybody.) Arrived and discovered that yes, it was freezing rain - my handlebars were coated, my *coat* was coated with ICE.
Now, I can only hope the computer puts out enough heat to dry the assorted clothes draped over it...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Got press coverage today! (We'll see if it's really in the News-Gazette tomorrow, next day, whenever...) Seems the N-G sent a reporter out to Find People Who Are Not Watching Football. Seven of us were going on a bike ride 'cause one of us had bought a bike yesterday and wanted to RIDE. It almost looked organized :-)
Will post link tomorrow if it gets to the online version (which I doubt...) too bad I didn't have my xtracycle yet...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Totally YUCKY day, rain turning to snow, and I overslept a tad so I drove. THREE TIMES this week.

BUT I'm getting an Xtracycle Free Radical ( and it's on its way here! Scot says he can put it on. I'm gonna have to clean the bike before I drop it off.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Okay, my quest for an xtracycle continues - turns out they're revamping the website, which may be why the online ordering didn't work. I'm really, really wanting one - today I had to drive 'cause I want to do the training rides. So I've got over 50 miles on the car this month already :-(

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sigh, it's cycle 72, Car 10 - the trainer just won't fit into my current cargo options, so I had to *drive* to get to the indoor training session. Fun, though, especially when the "TrainRight" guy is trying so hard to inspire me by saying how much pushing a little harder will pay off in my next criterium. Um. I did try to summon some adrenaline and see if I could make my sweat puddle as big as the guy's next to me (I don't race, 'cause I'm a klutz, but I do have a competitive streak :-)). I think I won, but all his sweat was on the left side.
Yes, it accelerated my product lust for the Free Radical (I could easily toss the trainer into that mix and tote it along).
Seems there's a seminar a week from tomorrow on "innovative bicycle treatments" (as in highway engineering, not Free Radicals and the like) - tho' I can't tell where (but I said I was interested). Maybe "web seminar" means that with the right gyrations, incantations, and keystrokes a person can access From Afar...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Since I'm flying to Maryland this weekend, this year's goal is to ride more miles than I drive (since I'm cutting off 1500 miles right here). Score so far: Bicycle 50, Car 0. I'm winning!

Going to call the airport to see what bicycle parking facilities they have - more to have somebody hear somebody asking for that than to expect anything.

Doing some serious yearning for a "sport utility bicyle" per

(and figuring that if Google is using blogs as a monitor of What People Want, then I want my wants monitored... wondering if there are little blog blips when groups of people make numerous blogs.)

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