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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Two above zero
fifteen mile per hour winds
The ski goggles rule :D

Year ago today
we lost Fritz.

Still haven't found the hand warmers but figured if I had a flat I'd lock the bike to a signpost and hop a bus. It's not as if I'm actually out *in* the tundra, after all.
Rode the Xtra because I wanted to carry the computer in. The Gazelle would have bene more fun - p'raps tomorrow. (Then it's supposed to get balmy again.) Just a light coating of snow and ice in various and sundry spots, but what the Gazelle did was remove the mental barrier that said "ACK! ACK! YOU CAN'T RIDE THERE~~~" whenever I saw snow or ice. The stuff does *not*, I repeat, reach up and yank the bicycle to the ground. The laws of physics - things will keep going in the direction they're going - still apply.
Probably thanks to the headwind my hands got warm before they got cold. I could feel the cold through the layers and worried a little because I only look hard core ... I do not like pain :D Happily things stayed toasty. Wore two pairs of socks and those digits were okay, too, though I could feel the cold sometimes. Wore my two thin balaclavas, which don't cling too well so it was a wrinkly-frozen crumple of icy condensation after a while. Going to try the thicker one tomorrow, but I kinda like the unclinginess because for a while it was frozen an inch away from my face which was about right for reflecting back some warmth but not making so much nasty frozen condensation. Besides, I like to be able to smile at people.
Ski goggles that are the right size don't block the side vision so that was nice, too.
Too lazy to peel off all the layers and get into officy clothes, tho', especially with sparse human types on campus. Even through four layers I could feel the cold on my thighs - really *want* to find that Gore-tex 'cause none of these layers block wind.
It's already up to 5 out there but I think I'll forego a lunch ride. Tapering a bit and remembering last year's moonlight frosty ride. SOme people leave a genuine vacuum in the space-time fabric when they leave, and it sucks.

I used to worry about taking my laptop out in weather this cold -- but I checked with the powers that be who told me that computers like it cold... Haven't had a problem yet with cold computers.

Happy New Year.
You're very very close on the day -- I moved from Illinois on something like January 6, 2002. Did you really know that already?
Oh, about cold computers: Condensation *can* be a problem. Do you know how your eyeglasses fog up when you go from cold to warm? The same thing happens inside your laptop computer case (and inside bike frames too, incidentally). It's a good idea to wait a few minutes to let that condensation evaporate before powering up your laptop or other portable electronics.

The condensation inside bike frames can be enough that water collects in the bottom bracket. If you bring your bike in and out a lot, you might think about storing the bike upside down. Really.
Nope. Different Fritz - Miericke, who died in his sleep last year 1/2.
(And don't be feelin' like a biscuit about it ;) )
Glad in hindsight that yes, the fancy schmancy tablet computer acclimated entirely before getting booted up.
My lil' bike used to sleep in a garage... now it's a carport 'til I get my house back (well, and sometimes in between 'cause the house isn't that far away). So it doesn't get the cold/hot stuff that poor me has to put up with :D
Of course, and I remember now that you posted about it last year....

I've heard it recommended that bikes should stay outside (but covered) in the winter time to prevent condensation problems. Condensation can also form inside brake and shifter cable housings. When the water refreezes after you take it outside, the cables get stuck. Look Ma, no brakes!
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