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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Fritz Miericke of Champaign Cycle and all kinds of mountain biking and cycling support for many moons has passed away, unexpectedly. He was the man who would invite you in for hot chocolate ... who hooked me up with my Gazelle last November... who *listened* to people (even if he did say "at our age we're not trying to get faster" to someone that wasn't true for) and helped them find the bike that was right for them... who told me I should **go** 18 mph on the RAIN ride because after riding my clunkers, yes, I could so, when everybody else was saying 'be careful, take it slow!" (and he was right ;))
Acutely missed already.

I don't recall ever meeting Fritz, but he sounds like a neat guy.
I'm sorry you lost a friend. I'll be thinking about you.

I've known Fritz for 21 years now, met him first when he had the store in Urbana. I always appreciated the man, as he would pretty much tell it like it was. We often wouldn't agree but he would generally be straight forward although some felt he at times could be a little short and gruff. I'm very sorry to see him gone and he will be missed by the central Illinois cycling communtity.
I just found this blog about fritz (i'm not very computer-friendly). Its so great to hear all the kind words about him. I knew all the very different aspects of him, from cycling to the school board, and as a father. Yes, he could be short and gruff at times, but he was one of the few people in my life that i could count on for anything. Bikes were a huge part of his life but his favorite pastime was talking. I have learned so much from him that i will carry for the rest of my life. My only hope is that i can be half the person he was or at least the person he raised me to be.
Makes a person glad to have blogged. Thank you for the comment!
I hadn't known that Fritz Miericke of Champaign Cycle had died until I heard it in passing just recently. I went to the net and confirmed it with this blog entry and a few other notes.

Fritz was a fine man who helped me many times. I first knew him at his shop in Urbana and enjoyed working with him each time I came into his shop. The time he helped the most, and worked the hardest to help me ride despite an injury, he refused to take payment.

I'm glad to have known him and sad to hear that he is gone.
i still miss Fritz
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