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Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Since I'm flying to Maryland this weekend, this year's goal is to ride more miles than I drive (since I'm cutting off 1500 miles right here). Score so far: Bicycle 50, Car 0. I'm winning!

Going to call the airport to see what bicycle parking facilities they have - more to have somebody hear somebody asking for that than to expect anything.

Doing some serious yearning for a "sport utility bicyle" per

(and figuring that if Google is using blogs as a monitor of What People Want, then I want my wants monitored... wondering if there are little blog blips when groups of people make numerous blogs.)

Good job on the resolution. I've cycled about 8000 miles in 2005 and drove about 4000.

So, does Willard Airport have bike parking? Did you ride your bike past Wal-Mart to the airport?
Welp, I sent an email (I hate phone calls, especially when I'm going to ask a question that the person doesn't know the answer to). Don't know if I have the privilege of cycling past Wal-Mart or whether I can dodge it.
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