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Monday, September 08, 2008

Too busy to contemplate blogmoves... enjoying the names of the alleycatters! Major IceHole indeed! Must be a winter biker :)

Had to make mental adjustment to NotHurry this morning, again, 'cause there's just too much pedestrian and bicycle traffic (over 20 cyclists). It's not as if the attitude actually changes the time it takes - but it changes the encounters with others and whether I slow down and smile, or slow down a second *later* and jump... and still end up proceeding when it's appropriate, which would hve been the same time no matter when I slowed down.

308 miles last week :) First week in September is often >250 but it can be hard to top 300. Now for the rest of the month, which will entail *not* being distracted by blogs so I can get Done What NEeds To Be Done.

Good point on Not Hurrying. Looking forward to welcoming you to Wordpress...
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