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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Not Grumpy

Okay, I am still grumpy at computers which aren't being cooperative (I am not a Mac person. I want a computer to do what I command it to do. I do not want a computer to cutely and vainly attempt to anticipate my needs. I never want to do exactly what a Mac informs me I *must* want to do, though they're better than they were back in dos days.)
Very nice commute in this a.m. I love how the legs feel 48 hours after a century :) If I had a working speedo (have I mentioned all kidns of electronics not liking me these days?) I could tell you how fast I went, including 2 victory laps aggressively crunched out around campus.
Saw the rec center at the U in "prime time" yesterday - it *is* a mass of bicycles everywhere. They're on the "temporary yellow" racks, they're on every metal bench and up the railings on the stairs. I feel sorry for people who need railings to climb stairs. I feel sorry for people
Ah, the Mother ( ) U.

The parking sounds real familiar. I just got back from the UW creamery, and there were a whole 2 bike parking spaces open. Everywhere we looked, there were bikes tho at least the creamery's *steep* stairs railing was pretty clear.
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