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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Monday Century :)

Welp, I found map number five, but 4:30 Monday morning it wasn't here. Musta left it at my friend's where I was doing the Internet thing, along with the Route to Catlin.

However, I'd deeply pondered said Route to Catlin, and I had printed out from Catlin to Perrysville including a serious zoom-in of Catlin to Belgium to across the river to Perrysville Road.

So! I was enabled to ride from here to Catlin 'cause I'd studied on it, and from Catlin to Belgium over gravely roads and across the river with only one wrong hill up "Twin HIlls" (of course the wrong turn was up a hill, but it had been fffllllaaat 'til then and I was BORED! and... it was a leetle hill) and then through Grape Creek over the river and to Perrysville to do the "perrysville ride" (picture to come) ... and then not ride back 'cause we ate at the Moonglo which is well north of my Route OUt and after 105 miles and burgers I wasn't ready for that kind of thinking.

Excellent weather - almost no wind in the morning (tho' the 3 mph was against me)... got hot (but around 90, not kill-you hot), and the danged wind switched - it still wasn't severe but it *did* make me think we must be going the wrong direction! and we saw lots of cool covered bridges. Pics to come.

Now off to do the last Pedaling for Pleasure of the season...

Promises, promises.
Ain't seen no pitchers yet?!
I am happy that you found yer NEW camera and managed to bring it along with ya though.
You did, right?
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