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Thursday, September 11, 2008




So just for fun I clicked on the "why do I have this?" because yea, it's been a few weeks.

It had said that I shouldwait for them to process my request.

Now it is back to saying I should fill out a form again.

Gosh, the less I post, the fewer times I have to put up with such crap.

I am thinking that they simply want fewer blogs. Of course, if frequently posting real bloggers leave, then the ratio of real to spam will suffer.

I looked through the help stuff and it says that you should click on the "?" to the right of the letters and request a review. Is that what you did? They still haven't gotten around to reviewing you? Can you put in a request every single day? I know that's annoying but it seems like it would bring you to their attention because you're annoying them too.
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