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Saturday, September 06, 2008


metric day

... got in 100K and a little more - and got stung through my lycra, somehow, out near THomasboro - never saw a bug but felt it and Wild looking welts they are but they don't hurt any more. Grateful for a not-too-sensitive immune system :)

Volunteered at the bike coop today for the new Saturday hours, which were almost utterly unannounced... but there were at least 10 new folks who happened by. Since I have *extremely* limited actual mechanical skills, I had volunteered to do naught but talk to people; not my favorite thing in the whole world but it did mean the folks working on bikes and helping people work on bikes could *do* that. Now, I just have to remember 40% of the important details (like, "are you a member? did you sign in?")

OH, and I got a wordpress blog. Might just start doing that instead... but not tongiht - but about when these hard to read letters push my button one too many times.

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