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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ike and HOodoo

Vicarious hoodoo
That's Howard, deadhead et al, prepping for the Hoodoo 500, which is happening NOW. I'm pausing in my Saturday ride for some of that stuff called food.It's feeling extremely tropical here, except there arent those blobs of hurricane clouds or anything. It's just warm and humid and windy. OH, and a big noise happened so I reckon the ILlini scored :)

Tried the "deep breathing snot rockets" on this cold and didn't get to euphoria land, but it *did* feel good and perhaps it will make the cold not last so long. It feels like exactly the same cold.

Still on track for 1000. COnsidering a moonlight "solidarity to hoodooers" outing.

Oh, and I"m going to cut and paste this to Wordpress. I'll make a final decision at the end of the week but I'm sick up and fed with stoopid lettres.


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