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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Greenbelt Reel Lawnmower Society

Seems my brother's group won the grand prize in my hometown's Labor Day parade for precision lawnmowing :)
Rode the Boulevard ride in Chicago today. Perfect weather and a well-organized ride with lots of volunteers with large orange flags to show where to turn, really good pavement markings (except one spot with the confoundingly ambiguous sign "CONTINUE RIDING" and finally a single stenciled arrow) The folder was the right bike (aside from fitting into Frank's car next to his, with the other two bikes on the rack on the back) since it squirts so easily through anything and bounds over rough roads. Saw a soul or two I recognized from GITAP.

did you ride down the lakeshore path and through Hyde park? I saw hundreds of people on that ride when I was riding in Chicago this morning.
Yes, indeed - we saw some people without little numbers on them, too.
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