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Friday, September 05, 2008


Goose anecdote

I turned onto campus on the sidewalk and it was populated with geese, most of 'em on the right of the walk, some of 'em on, and some of them to the left, with a goose or two actually on the campus drive.
Aha! A chance to use my horn!
I tooted from a reasonable distance and expected dispersal radiating from the sound. Instead, the critters all ambled East (away from the road), tho' it meant some crossed the walk in front of me.
If you're looking for your doctoral thesis topic and you decided not to explore the uncharted genetic foot condition in our family, then the dispersal patterns of branta canadensis when honked at could serve, eh?

I believe they just have the attitude that they were there first, and how dare you disturb them?!
Birds with a 'tude.
Just like turkeys. :)

PS. what kind of horn? One of those Airzounds?
I've got the same question--I've used an Airzound with dogs to good effect, but so far the geese have not been a problem so I haven't tried it with them. :-)
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