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Friday, September 19, 2008


Google Socks

... Yes, indeed.

I've been returned to "apologies if you're not a spam blog, please send a request."

This is the third request.

Something tells me it's a bot doing the research. Jes' like a spambot.

Happily fleeing Google's crap. Wondering when they'll foul up their email... better start looking for options before they decide I'm sending spam from there, too.

Snork. Now, it tells me to do the visual verification and doesn't even have a picture, so I &**cant** get it right the first time. Is that something google reserves for people who say they sock?

Is Google even more big brother than Word?

I feel your pain. I was goggle spam for a few days. This happened to you three times?!! perhaps its time to shift to a different blog site.
Have done - wordpress is where I put bicycling stuff.

It's that they not only can't ever process my requests... heck, there could be so much spam they don't have time to... but that apparently they've decided they want fewer blogs.
Betcha if I had ads I wouldn't be spam.
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