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Monday, September 15, 2008


Deciding Friday

... I'm thinkin' that by Friday I'll have gotten to know my way around Wordpress to say so long to Google blogs.
Yes, I requested a review - and you can't request every day and no, there's no "contact a real person" avenue. (After the request, I got "your request has been received" the next couple times I checked; then a week after *that* I got the "you should request a review" message again. I'd guess they're so overwhelmed by the spam that they can't keep up, and they have an automatic reset so that the burden is on me to get back on the list.
Time to stop being in the vulnerable masses. (There should be a sociological/ economic term for it - being a target because of the hugeness of one's group.)
Time to write about cycling instead :)
And... on wordpress, since the flogging letters get harder and harder to match.

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