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Sunday, August 24, 2008

went to "quad day" on campus and helped out a bit at the bike project table. What a mob scene... but it was neat to see so many niches out there to be found. Gave away lots of maps.
Watched TV, which I don't do. Real people - even viewed as a sea of 'em on the quad - are much more interesting. TV characters have to convey to "the viewer" - all of 'em, mind you - their recipe for being, so it has to be a very simple recipe. Welp, that, and they all wear that hollywood make-up. Then again, it was old tv shows...
Got my bottle cage on the Dahon last night with a fair amount of assistance. Those little screws really didn't want to get started. Now I can get my big light in there, which matters since the dynamo hub on the Xtra isn't dynamic right now.

I wonder if something like this would be doable on my campus. It seems like a cool idea. What kind of info do you give out?
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