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Friday, August 15, 2008

went around Robin Hood's Barn to get here this a.m. - forgot I was going the long way to pick up bagels so I had to turn back, then went to get the bagels.
Other cyclists describe how frequently they'll watch a driver look at 'em, look the other way, then blithely proceed into the cyclist's path.
I wonder if thigns are different where they are, or whether they (and me?) are selectively attending the way people only remember when the gypsy's predictions are correct. Today there were two folks blithely looking at me, looking the other way, and then sitting there even though they probably could have squirted out there.
The third fellow was in a convertible so I could almost see the cartoon balloon over his head as he decided that no, even though he *could* just take his nifty Mercedes and get out there, since if he waited for me he was going to have to wait for more traffic after that... disgrunt, disgrunt... he waited. I gave him my very best smile and wondered if I shouldn't have done something more dramatic ("May all blessings shower you this day!") since in the convertible he could hear...
Then I saw I wasn't going to make the Bradley light and there was a big ol' soda can so I stopped and scooped it up. Got to school and I was asked if I'd derailed... that he'd have tossed my bike in his vehicle... I said it was a strap loose, not that I was grabbing litter...

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