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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Weather Underground, Indeed!

Welp, that does it. I'm switching to wunderground from the weather channel on my bookmarks - I refuse to condone "Curfews are mandatory and subject to arrest if violated." I suppose microsoft word told the writers that "violators will be subject to arrest" would be the passive voice ;)


I'm using Vista Home Delux (or whatever pretentious name MS came up with that day) and it has an area on the desktop for the Windows Sidebar. I have WeatherBug running over there. It's a largish icon that displays the temp, wind direction, and some simplified radar, as well as a downtown camera and a forecast. It's simple and unobtrusive.
I'm thinking of a prison tour: "And this is where we keep the naughty curfews." Actually, "violators will be subject to arrest" is in the active voice, but "violators will be arrested" (or "violators will be subjected to torture") represents the passive voice.
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