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Friday, August 22, 2008

So! I rode home Friday, rode to Schnuck's for some Fat Tire 1554, and while tooling around was asked if I'd gotten my free corn, since if you took a bicycle to the Sweet Corn festival you'd get one. The word's out :) I went there and gave out a few from behind the table, and some maps and stickers and such.
Watched people doing the "interactive entertainment" a.k.a. Riding The Bull, in front of the row of porta-johns.
Rode home on the Xtracycle and on exactly the same street, perhaps the same person... "That's smart. I wish I had one of those."

The people are speaking. THe people are thinking! (okay, that's reaching :) )

and I didn't get the corn, but my second stalk in my yard has one and I *know* it's sweet 'cause the first two from the First Stalk were. SILVER QUEEN ROCKS!!!!

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