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Sunday, August 31, 2008


SMall Victories :)

I remembered **all** the ways you could turn things around with a Road Morph. I turned the first part around. Then I turned the second part around. Then I turned both parts around. Then I realized I could switch them around and put one in before the other.
Yippee, my Road Morph will be successfully rigged for Presta.
I found my Map Number Five for This Part of Illinois, so I can ride from here to the Illinois Border at the BReak of Dawn.
I sort of almost got VMWare to do what I wanted it to do. (I still can't get openoffice to cut and paste on the Mac side, or to open at all on the Windows side.)

None of it happened quickly, of course, and I still don't know where my keys are... but I found my wallet...

And I still get to type floggin' lettres to be *permitted* to post my own bloggin' flog...
Oh, and I got the map for tomorrow's ride done -

I have days like this. Those are the good days. Usually I can't find anything.

Thanks for the comment on the blog.
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