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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rode the long way (South to Old Church, West to Rising, N. to Bradley, E. to Duncan, N. to Parkland). Strong east wind meant I got to work on time but I had to work at it and it's been too long since I felt htis kind of tired from going fast, not long :)

There are also MORE people riding bikes - generally I don't see bicycles when I do the long way, but I did today. (Yesterday I didn't count but there was essentially no time when there wasn't a bicycle approaching me.)

I make the closest thing to new year's resolutions - more like new year's let's-try-to-remember-we're-trying-to-do-this, and it often does work - when it's a new academic year. This year? Um... to be tidier (that's the Yearly One - this year's "how to " is "clean those drawers more often") and... To seize opportunities and seek opportunities for ... well, for acknowledging that it's "time to do stuff because things aren't correcting themselves," and to do more than coast and wait for stars to align. Snork. Explaining would require too many paragraphs but those opportunities of *course* aren't going to look like what I had built my search images to look like.

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