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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Once you associate an observation with a label and let it wander around the verbal corners of the mind, you notice it more often, since it doesn't get filtered out as unworthy of attention. Hence, when you've bought a red car, it seems there are more of 'em out there...
Some time in the past week (probably on yesterday's ride out to Mahomet), I saw a front walk from road to front door which had plants along it... a row of big honkin' corn on each side.
Today I noticed that the ground cover at that house on Washington east of Vine ... is a huge honkin' Squash (Sasquash?) plant.
All it'll take is Oprah or Martha Stewart to plug it... and "everybody" will be making a Front Yard Garden. Forget your little corner in the backyard. (Of course, I don't *really* know whether most people stick gardens in the back instead of the front yard.)
My squash and maters are producing happily. Peppers on the way. Five ears of corn from those two stalks.
Rode folder to church today. Had my "work to bike more" ankle strap from New Belgium Brewery. COnfirmed last night that indeed, I don't like wheat beers (a la New Belgium's "Mothership wit.") And after an "enlightened black ale" instead of the effects of the alcohol making me indifferent, the MW tasted nastier. I'm just a barley girl, I guess. Barley hopping for me!
And speaking of spelling, my feed showed me a forum post that referred to the Xtracycle's "stella-carrying capacity." Snork! I haven't carried Stella yet... mebbe I should google for stella-carrying ;) ... there *is* a single reference to the for "stella-carrying capacity" referring to how much beer one can fit in an apartment...

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