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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I would love to know what the algorithm for link farms is, since my site is *still* flagged by the stupid Google - hey people Sioux is NOT recommending you pick this one! - has a veritable PAUCITY, mind you, PAUCITY of links. Nonsensical, irrelevant content? Perhaps, if bicycle is on the algorithm... because one would *think* that if a person hand-entered all those flogging characters *and* put in their stupid request for permission to exist ...

... nope...
this is what I get for accepting Big Brother Google. I must submit to its Judgment as it Collects My Information.
...oops, I got it.
Perhaps because my vocabulary is *too* varied, it must be "randomly generated."
Perhaps it was that string of baiku?
It's just pretty darned arrogant to have a glaringly flawed spamblog seeker... and then to have on the description of why blogs are flagged only incredibly nasty snide things - not "your perfectly good blog might have been flagged," but "these nasty spambloggers do this and that and we're pretty sure you're one of them, so stop tryig to pretend!!!"
SNork. No. Third possibility. I am not using adsense. *Truth:* fewer links... but profit is not about truth.
(Of course, fourth possibility: my radical content ;) is deemed to left wing... I mean right wing... I mean...)

How about a lack of subject lines?
That's what it is all right. of course, I don't think even Sioux knows what she's going to talk about herself so that might prove difficult. ;)
I was thinking the subject lines might be an issue too. How do you tell if your blog is flagged as a spamblog?
Sioux, Google lists your page with a PageRank of 5, which is very good.

Like the others mentioned, the lack of titles on your posts does hurt things.
I don't have a title option when I hit "new post," and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to change that. I have *often* wanted to.

I have to do the "copy these letters" thing every time I make a post - *and* they are a lot harder to copy than the ones you have to copy to make a comment.
For title, check your blog settings. You used to have titles before. Go to, select your blog from the Dashboard, click "Settings", select the "Formatting" tab, pick "Yes" for the "Show Titles" field, then "Save Settings."

For the CAPTCHA (the letter entry), did you check the button requesting review of you blog by Google?
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