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Friday, August 29, 2008

Here's the explanation, mayor et al...

Every time I post to my blog, I have to do the "spam prevention procedure" of typing letters from a window - *extremely* garbled letters. After a while, I clicked the "why do I have to do this?" underneath and found that this wasn't something everybody had to do. No, only blogs flagged as "spamblogs."

Nowhere in the description do they mention that titling posts matters; in fact, nowhere do they suggest how a real person could prevent false flagging. No, they simply describe arrogantly how nasty these spamblogs *are* that they are flagging, somehow being too stupid to realize that the only people reading it would be *humans* wondering, not bots. They mention insipidity and linkfarmitude. I suppose if I used *too* many words like that I could understand ...

It's not as if I *can* put a title on my posts. For this blog, that's not an option I get. I've clicked *lots* of things in the past to try to make it happen; it doesn't.

I expect that kind of incompetence from, say, AOL or Yahoo. I went with Google 'cause they're usually better at making things workable.

Frankly, if Google wants me to do that, they should give me a clue.

Google sucks. (If the PTB there had sense, they'd have a flag on that phrase and somebody whose job it was to check it out when it appeared. I doubt it... it will probably mean I get some other inconvenience added to my day.)

Oh. I am grumpy today. I yelled at two people on my commute in and one yelled back. ("There's a thing called a stop sign!" "I SEE you! Don't worry about ME!" "I *do* worry about ___ drivers!" )

Things got better when I got to ride at lunch to see a buddy at Carle. The guy at the front desk even had a bicycle behind him :) The miles eased the hormonal imbalance or something but I think I need a few hundred more.

Off to the home front now to tend to stuff about biking that I'll blog about next. Of course, it's all spam.


Sue, I intend this helpful rather than patronizing, but does your Blogger "New Post" page not have a "Title" text field at the top like this?
That's exactly what mine looks like, and believe you me, I know NOTHING about software...
Nope. apparently I can dive into my settings (I looked 'em over a few times but missed it...) so soon as I get fourteen other things done I"m on it ;) ...
Ah. The setting appears to be:

"Settings" > "Formatting" > "Show Title field"
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