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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Woke up to Ed Kieser saying (no kidding!) that if I were heading to the west, say the eastern mountains of Colorado, that it will be quite warm and even hot there. I've heard of personalized radio but that's ridiculous - I *am* heading out to Colorado tomorrow.
Yesterday on LM_NET a librarian asked about comments on her blog that seemed to be glorified spam... I suggested delete it, and gosh, today I got some of my own. Don't people realize that form letters have their very own taste and smell? Yes, it's related to my blog but I ain't buyin' it.

hi Urbana-Champaign Bicycle Commute. I like your blog. I buy fuji bikes. thanks for sharing. you buy some2.

Do mean stuff like that?
Urgh, Tom beat me to it.

Naw, this one was significantly longer about a "movement" in cycling, but spam is spam... and it makes linkedin smell funky.
But hey, goin' through the email today I find one telling me that gosh, unless I do x y z I won't be able to*use* my blog... to prevent spam, somehow.
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