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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Time for a little fluff, because my ACHING legs will not allow me to do anything of substance. I am trying my very hardest to be one of those eco commuting biking chicks. For lots of reasons. I'm just fed up with the whole gas thing. Traffic in Seattle makes me homicidal. Parking makes me omnicidal (want to kill everything, not just people.) And, frankly, I'm vain as can be and want the hot bod that all that biking will give me. So, here's some insight into being a successful cycling executive - specifically a CHICK."
From Seattlepi .
I have to agree that what firmly plants some folks in the "cycling is a wonderful concept but beyond me" camp is the fundamental fear of Looking Silly - or of Being NOticeably Different ... or being categorized as being in an "outlier" social group. (Of course, one person's outlier is another person's in group...)
Who knows, enough press like that and helmet hair could be the new "got milk" moustache :)

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