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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SPokelits were at my doorstep last night. Opened the box this morning. Seems installation is simply shoving them on and wedging them up into the spokes because the plastic is thick and flexible (sort of like what I'd expect in swimming flippers). First thoughts: how fast do they get brittle? If I shove too hard, will those spokes get stressed?

A reference to them on Team Estrogen said "wouldn't put red on the front." Hmmm... I'm not sure that matters one whit, especially on a spoke and when I've got a headlight. Don't think folks will confuse my direction... but it's worth considering.

In emails to the company, of course I suggested turn signals :-)

What are Spokelits? I haven't heard of this one.
I googled them, and your post showd up as hit number 3! Anway, let us know how you like them, as I might buy a couple for my clubs' Starlight Ride!
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