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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

("spoiler" - nothing bad happened ;) )

Note to self: *before* it's dusk, jsut make the stop and get all thelights going. Otherwise one can slip into "well, I'm *almost* home... it's still dusk..."

Another local guy posted that he notices people give more room when he's wearing a hi-viz vest (and I'm hearing hi-viz is showing up in the mainstream now - "the new black" ) ... welp, they drive like they don't see you if all you've got is one little string of Christmas lights going. So that guy at the foour-way stop who stopped and then proceeded... welp, from his apologetic gesture I surmise he didn't see me.

Will get that ductape out and stick that light on the Folder. SHould get to pick up the big one today.

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