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Thursday, July 03, 2008

So... are bikes more popular? Clevercycles has had to close its doors... well, sort of :) Seems they've sold out of so much they're taking a vacation 'til they can have more inventory. "We are reluctant to present bicycling for transportation as a response to hardship, because it is a pleasure and privilege. But gas prices are on so many lips, we can’t pretend that they have nothing to do with this year’s blistering business. Word is that some local bike shops who sell car racks and bikes appropriate to them aren’t doing so well. Easy driving is over. Few of our customers are refugees from rising motoring costs, because we live in a city. But everything’s connected, and even urbanites have family, or friends, or enemies of friends hooked on the “freedom” of driving. Too many of them live in cities, too."

Couldn't get tire on Xtra without destroying tube again. If the new-tubed tire goes on as easily as it did before, I shall operate on the assumption that it's because there's NO AIR in the tire that it's workable.

I've read that business is also booming in Chambana bike stores. At least that's what Durst cycles and the other local sellers had to say to News-Gazette.
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