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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Really did wake up in time to go out and do 20 miles before the Saunter. Then after the saunter I took the folder out to test its calibration on those grid roads - seems pretty accurate. Managed to get in 67 miles in the mix - and enough cans so I think I have a dollar's worth.
H - 1.5 right now... Howard rode 8.7 miles yesterday to the memorial service for a bike advocate in Fort Collins who got killed by a drunk driver. (The driver has been arrested. Seems there have only been four bicycle fatalities in ten years in Fort Collins - and that's not because nobody rides a bike. Makes me want to put speed bumps everywhere so nobody wants to drive and so drunk people will throw up.
Leaving for COlorado Wednesday unless I get so packed and prepared that I decide ot go a day earlier. Guess I'll go to my house and get htat process going :)

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