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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Got to ride upstream last night. Yea, I got caught in the downpour and subsequent flash flooding. Fortunately I got past the formerly bad-draining Country Fair spot (which still backs up *some* but not as it once did - I'd seen 'em working in that area... this tiem it took, hooray!) but at Round Barn ... welp, I ducked into IGA for a bit until things receded. Plowing up a slight grade in five inches of water flowing quickly towards me on 20 inch tires is interesting.
Then (of course ;)) things abated for long enough for me to get *almost* home ... and I was inside before the lightning got crunchy.
On the very last stretch on Anderson I was passed by a light blue not-too-recent sedan, 779 1986 or 1987, I do believe, who not only passed within inches of my delicate self (and I *did* have the blazing blinky goin' in back and was visible) but when I gave the three-finger (as in "three - three feet") slowed just a tad as if deciding whether to escalate. I went past my abode on the grounds that I didn't want to give that information away... and realized its abode was probably nearby since Anderson isn't that much of an artery.
Of course, other drivers were going out of their way to be cautious, as the weather prescribed.
Hopefully driving through that cleansed my karma from the two doses of ugly I dished out at work... that poor fellow who I put through half an hour of "orientation" stuff before figuring out he was there for math (and I was wondering about his attitude...) and... those words about the bad coding to the tech guy... doesn't matter, you don't say "bad code" to a tech guy unless you're asking for tissues ;)

Yeah, the downpour last evening was quite heavy. I had biked to campus seeing the sunny weather at noon, but in the evening it went dark. I was balancing the umbrella in one hand while riding with the other ... saw boneyard creek overflowing on the quad. Quite a scene!
The downpour here was as bad as I ever seen it. I couldn't see.... it was boomers and flashers.

So I cheated. A friend called who has a bike rack and gave me a ride. I must admit it was more relaxing than my ride would have been.
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