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Friday, July 25, 2008

Did a can cruise. Snagged 20 of 'em - and saw a big ol' plastic bucket and thought, "A person can always use a big ol' plastic bucket" - except this one still had its contents, except for the three or four 3-inch chlorine tablets that were on the ground next to it, killing hte grass rather thoroughly. I rode the five-mile loop around (confirming that yes, that half mile of Old CHurch Rd. East of Philo is still totally nasty gravel) and then put the stuff on the bike. We'll see just how bleached the saddlebags get. Alas, I am reasonably sure that I touched enough of the stuff and touched my clothing that that particular black blouse will have bizarre and conspicuous white streaks after its next wash. I should hve changed to a cylcing t-shirt :(

I suppose now I'm ready for whatever natural disaster would mean I needed to purify water...

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