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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Went out for a ride yesterday for a hundred miles as a rough draft for a "faux brevet" (since there aren't any official ones around). Silly WILL said winds would be from the South so I went East. Well, the winds were from the southwest. Got to HOmer Lake by 7:00; tried to get to Block but landed back on HOmer Lake Road, so I went out to the Sidney Slab and tried again... but settled for Sidney. Then to Philo and Tolono and Sadorus, where I got to turn and catch the tailwind. I cut West again at Windsor to swing by and say a blessing by St. Boniface, then out to the Seymour slab. Got to Kirby and considered swinging wider through Sidney ... but knew I'd be setting myself up for the South Wind in my face, and showers to my west which were waxing and waning... and I'd gone a purty long way on the morning's noodles and the Casey's Gatorade. So I aimed myself home and pulled into the house at 81 miles, had a bagel and cheese and tall glass of tea and tall glass of Gatorade and spun South for my concentric loops that just happen to be 19 miles, and figured that 100 is about as far as I can go "spontaneously" and happily... longer and I would do better to oh, carb load and get food to bring along since they don't put rest stops along the way and I have trouble forkin' over convenience store prices ;)
I was done at 2:00 and maybe could have done another 25 for 200K but figured I'd save the pleasure ... and eat more along the way for that. Maybe even carb load :) So I cracked a Fat Tire Enlightened Black Ale and called it a day.
TOday I just did the saunter and this ride out to Parkland... but on the folder, so even that little bit of chafing isn't bugging me. However, I just might try some of that chamois butter they always hand out at GITAP if I can find it.
So... the plan is to do a real faux brevet a week from Friday... as a reward for getting a few postponed projects progressed...

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