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Friday, June 13, 2008

To the driver of 38 CLIF: I do regret pulling forward too far in the Prospect/Church intersection. YOu had to look around me before making your right turn on red. I"m not sure it merited your matter-of-fact "I hate you biker ________" (indistinguishable two syllable utterance that sort of sounded like pickup but I don't think was people...)

I"m afraid I simply sang out inanely, "I love you!" and waved the sign language... in hindsight, an abjectly sincere "I'm so sorry" might have been more effective. (Which reminds me, over at The NEw BElgium Brewery there's a "booklet" of assorted cycling stuff including discussion of "how to responde to screamers." I'd just heard my buddy Stan's rather disarming strategy of saying a loooong "Wow;" somebody else had suggested both-arm-wave with a wild wail... or a confused, "How can you *do* that?"

Last night I had to get across Green and Wright. I approached as the front-of-the-line (this time *not* too far out) and waited... a car pulled up behind me. The walk segment began and I stayed put, figuring that driver would be surprised - but there was a lot of diagonal traffic and from where I was even walking the bike across would have been disruptive to it. However, I know that unless I really sprint I have to wait at sixth street, so that when traffic had cleared with a good four seconds left on the countdown, I started easing out and then turned on the afterburners.
The driver behind me followed demurely - but happily, I noticed, also got throgh the sixth street intersection on the yellow, and then passed me... University cop ;)

What type and color car was 38 CLIF? (do you recall?) -Rick L.
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