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Monday, June 23, 2008

post 667 ...
gorgeous day with just enough tailwind for a good time. Rode the folder for commute and the Monday Moderate ride, where I confess I was the Bad Rabbit pulling people off the front. Why do they sell me these bicycles that insist on speeding up on hills? And yea, it was "life imitating literature." An English teacher could have found a lot to write about watching the ebbs and flows. The endorphins were enough to inspire another verse ..."I got a folding bike for my travelin' rides, It's got that looooong seatpost that can slide right down inside... but they're such little tiny wheels, and I don't mean to be snide but I"m still lookin' for my carbon fiber frame."
Gosh, my Gazelle doesn't have its verse... but perhaps that will be the bike that satisfies so I no longer search - tho' more likely that sweet Xtracycle once I get those bearings happy again.

Nice rhythm in your poetry -- you should set it rap music or something.
Hills? Hills in U-C? Sure, there's Block, but I'm guessing that you weren't that far out of town on a Mon Moderate ride, no?

BTW, I have mostly fond memories of U-C, having spent 98-04 in grad school there.

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