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Monday, June 02, 2008

Nice ride yesterday from Countryside, tho' with this cold, 35 miles felt like 70. Not 100 - I didn't overdo it ;) - but I was pretty tired at the end. It would be nice if the conditioning effect paralleled the fatigue, but somehow i doubt it.

Coincidences are nudging me towards taking a trip for a weekend of cycling in Colorado. I would rather like to ride back - it's only a thousand miles - but I'm good for a day or two solo and then I start talking to things and expecting them to answer. A gregarious introvert am I.

But. The question is: could an AT&T Blackberry phone with GPS switch to SPrint?

(Mebbe I need to see whether I got a one-year or a two-year contract wtih Sprint.)

I don't think your AT&T phone would work on Sprint's network. AT&T (and T-mobile) uses GSM whereas Sprint (and Verizon) uses CDMA. The two require different hardware.
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