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Monday, June 02, 2008

New Performance Enhancing Strategy: Blow Your Nose.

I went out after work and did a lap around campus and felt too hungry and coldy to cruise over to the Monday ride... so I did two more easy laps and toodled home. Decided I'd grab a bite to eat and then maybe take the Trek out for a short spin.

Walked in the door, drank half a cup of gatorade, and then did a most thorough Sinus Clearance, thinking "yoga breathing" thoughts as if I have any idea what htat means. All that oxygen... I went out and straddled the Trek and cruised out for 3 17 mph laps around the block (4 miles each). Took the tailwind (not much - 5 mph or so) lap in the middle at 23 'cause there was a roadie ahead of me :). Now, I kept it under the Pain Threshold, but I would never have thought I had 40 minutes of GO in me. And now I feel... like I rode well. Clear-headed and everything.

Oxygen is a very good thing. Go blow your nose!

I aspire to snot rockets.
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