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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Keep up with thoes Geonzes!

Seems that since I've acquired my Dahon, the Speed D7 that I rejected for the P8 has been purchased, and 3 (yes, 3!) Mu P24's have been purchased... oh, by people who ride with me :)

Just successfully got the speedo on the Dahon (tho' it was a guess at the wheel size number). Now I am going to go down to that bike coop and see if it's true that they have toe clips skittering about in assorted corners, and perhaps install on the big red thing. Hmmm... p'raps I'll offer to update the website, too?

Got out for soem riding yesterday - did the "Race-airport-first street- old church' loop almost all the way, and then decided that the rather noisy water going across the road wiht the significant wave action at one side was ... well, I could just get a few more miles and go bakc the way I came. I didn't see a "water on road" sign, as I had for hte much less significant streams in three other spots, but it quite possibly had blown over since the winds were about 20 mph. (Yea, going South on First was slow going, but I was on the Trek).

This week's goal: ride lots with fat bikes so that GITAP with Trek is fast so my butt doens't get sore from too much time in saddle. And find good songs to sing along the way.

GITAP next week. I am politely negotiating with the weather to have a week without tornadoes. Last year's 6 days of tailwinds would be peachy but not necessary. Should get that tent out and set it up...

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