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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I read the trib story about the big guy in Jersey ... didn't know there was a slide show with audio to match. Just do it!

Hills? What hills? If a person gets on 150 from 700 or the little road that cuts off there, and rides about 200 yards on the shoulder, there's a left turn on Lindsey. That particular road has things that honestly could be confused with hills, getting to the highest point in the county. I like 'em because there are three with breaks in the middle - so a person can either recover or charge through them. I did 'em a few times wtih my favorite pink-socked recumbent rider (okay, he was riding the bacchetta for that, *not* the tricycle with the parasol ;) ) getting ready for his ride across NOrth Carolina.

Loved that story Sioux, quite an inspiration. Looks like he lost over 100 lbs!
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