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Saturday, June 21, 2008

GITAP 2008 - happy trails!!

My sunburned lip and poison-ivied foot and the rest of me are back from GITAP 2008.

This is a big fundraiser for the League of Illinois Bicycliststhanks to Chuck Oestrich and a whole lot of volunteers (myself included, sort of - I spent two days doing rest stops and helped give out door prizes, but since that also meant getting in at half price it wasn't "free" for LIB - they had to feed me all those days :))

I had many inquiries about the "smoothie making bicycle" (tho' I wasn't riding it) - happily, about its utilitarian and world use as well as its margaritability - enough to make me want to figure out a way to take it next time, hills or no hills, even if it doesn't fit on a bike rack. And it would seem the hub may be the source of the screaming (bearings) ... which would explain why it seemed harder to ride for a while. I'm not getting old, my bearings are :D It was definitely not hte bike to take on a high-mileage tour, especially since the mechanic there wouldn't be likely to have that genre of Bike Stuff on the "travel team."
Velosophie was good, too. I am wondering what was different about hte selection process, since this year's readings ... welp, they were different; many more infusions of life and hope than the usual offereings. "Walking Woman" was one selection. I liked it 'cause it reminded me a little of Dave Carter's "River Where she Sleeps" (that's not Dave Carter, just the song) which I love because it takes mysterious sacred people off pedestals.

Soap really does help poison ivy. Reckon it cuts that nasty oil stuff.

A fine week of sun and pedaling and social stuff though I am happy to have space and quiet right now.

Welcome home Sioux, glad you had a good time.
Ummmm, pictures?
Better listen to your Nordic brother and post some pics. Glad to hear you had a good time.
Welcome back! Did you meet other bike bloggers like jmd1125 in Chicago?
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