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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dropped in at Kent's Bike Blog 'cause of the Day-hon reference; included random thoughts from the "toward car-free cities" conference. One of my favorites: we've got "ghost bikes..." - what about "ghost cars?" Of course there would be "too many." Soem people already put up roadside memorials... and I'm remembering somebody's "is this a spoof?" idea for putting out an "apology" memorial... I think Kent's skull & crossbone stencil idea has too many other associations. Perhaps, simply, a headstone with a car... words or not? ("R.I.P.", "one fewer passenger..." "Slow TF Down...")

Okay, time to see if I can figure out the camera thing...


It's not a 'ghost car' but our local PD used to keep a city map out in front of the dispatcher's office, and it was full of color coded pins for crashes. The black ones were fatalities as I recall. And most of the pins were clustered around intersections and a locally infamous S curve.
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