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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Did the commute and the Monday moderate ride on the Dahon. I'm going to order new tires rather than wait for these to wear out - having a spare set makes sense (hmmm... I'll try to store them to preserve them) and prices of oil-based things aren't going to go down any time soon and... I WANT SKINNIER TYRES!!!!

As we were leaving for home, I may have caused Family Friction. This threesome with a Guardian Unit and two Youngsters (one around 10?) came around the corner of Staley and started proceeding down Kirby... oh, the wrong way on both streets (at dusk). And... neither Staley nor Kirby are high on the list of "comfortable cycling roads" - they're busy. I called out "You're on the wrong side of the road.... it's illegal... and dangerous." The mom did not look happy... and then I saw them leaving the roadway, perhaps heading for the sidewalk.

I figure I might have caused the child to... welp, basically get scared (and she may have been anyway). Rebel. OF course, I have no idea - perhaps this was an experimental junket and they'd come out of their dwellings onto Staley... realized it was really a crappy road for doing that and eked up on the wrong side and turned off ASAP (and then got y elled at ! We'll never go riding again!) ... and yes, saw a sidewalk and hopped on it with relief.
Or none of the above ;) PUtting Speculator Away Now...

Today's goal: get work done and get toe clips put on.

What size tires are you getting?

Where are you getting them?

I have a speed D7 and would love to have higher pressure tires.

I think yours are smaller than mine already. The D7 that I tried first had 1.5 inchers (I think - maybe 1.75) but the P8 has two-inchers. People think I'm a car roaring up beside them...
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