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Friday, May 30, 2008

Worth writing home about - I saw Stan on his first day in his shorts today! I recognized his calves from half a mile back on his preprandial constitutional. I'd departed work early because the radar is ripe and red and so is my face because I have this stupid cold and it is just too hot. Jumping from 58 to 88 does not suit my system, especially when the temperature regulators are amok.

I know how you feel. 88 is mucho hot for me especially when the humidly is high. But when ill, its almost unbearable. Maybe take a break from your super high mileage cycling goals to recover?
Listen to the wise Swede Miss Sioux. You need some quality rest and recuperation.
I know what you mean about the weather and it is causing colds all over town. I want high 60's and 70's for...well, for months if truth be told. Crazy Illinois weather!

It is great to see all the cyclists out though.
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