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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welp, the site was back within the hour.

Today is byootiful so we rode to Sidney and Philo. Now it's time for some SHOPPING. The Xtra was making odd sounds like unto something dragging on a spoke, except nothing could be seen dragging on a spoke, and then it sounded like a spoke was dangling, except one isn't, and then it stopped. So... p'raps a spoke is off but wedged somehow in the magic of disc brakes. It's still going ot be the ride of choice for this shopping trip tho' subsequent rides will be on other steeds.

Here's an article about a car almost taking out riders in the ride of silence in the Spartanburg SC vicinity (so when I get back from shopping I"ll send an email that way :)) ... cop gave chase and broke it off and then the driver went off the road and flipped. C'mon, people, STFD. (Slow Down.)

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