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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Share the road bus article

(So far 3 for 3 on the positive comments :) )

My goddess powers have, for hte first time, utterly and completely failed. It is raining but harder and I've had all day to tell it to stop, and it's for a not-by-myself-ride. And... I forgot to bring the Gore-tex. Fortunately it's a warm wet :) LIke in _First Day of Spring_ which, alas, seems to have only briefly visited YouTube (in utterly blatant violation of all rights of copy, so I can't say I mind). And being the eternal optimist, perhaps it means that my uncanny luck will simply slide to another venue !

I like the "Same roads, same rules, same rights" part of the message the best.

This is what the Santa Cruz City Council endorsed at a meeting last Tuesday -- a "Bikes In Lane" sign for the busy Highway 1 that runs across Santa Cruz. We already have a bicycles may use full lane sign in another part of town in Santa Cruz.
I like the silhouettes of the different bikes all riding together. They even included a recumbent!
Local artist Joyce Mast is responsible - and on the side of the bus without the door we've got our local star athlete's silhouette on a handcycle.
Our prejudices are pretty obvious - even the riders with drop bars aren't really in a racing posture ;)
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