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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rode the Trek in today hoping for an after-work ride in preparation for the Sunday Monticello Lion's Club Sangamon River Valley Ride. Heavens, it's different riding a more efficient bicycle :)
Had some vehicular moments along the way. Approached Prospect on Church and proceeded to take the usual right-edge of the non-right-turn land as this truck appears to my left... *just* to my left, thank you... oh, and it's attached to a humongoid trailer... and it would seem that the reason he's hugging so closely... as he comes to a complete stop with a car length or two between him and the one car already stopped at the light is that, well, he wants to turn right.
S'pose he thought he could whip around me?
I stopped and backed up and let him over. Commented "learn to drive," and then pondered that he probably actually supposed that, of course, since I am a bicycle, I would go to the far right, period. (And do what? Disappear magically?) And that he may have been equally surprised that I didn't then pass him on the right and go to the front... but suffice it to say I have lots of automatic resistance to passing a truck with a trailer on the right, period... especially one behaving unpredictably.

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