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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nice tailwind in :) (yea, wind advisories today so it'll be aginst me goin' home)

Wore yellow... underneath the orange jacket in honor of 'livestrong' day.

Past couple days I've seen a noticeably higher number of people riding in pairs. Of course, once that's on my radar, I'm going to perceive them as more numerous than had I not been alerted to them, but I b'lieve it was a downright rare (1 or fewer per commute) occurence before and I've seen at least one and sometimes two or three paired riders on each venture for the past couple of days.

It's tough to be earworm sensitive. A truck that said "the brush man" went by. "Came home from work this evening, there was a note in the fryin' pan
sayin' hon you can fix your own supper tonight
I run off with the Fuller Brush Man.

And I miss the way she used to yell at me
the way she used to cuss and moan
and if I ever go out and get married again
I'll never leave my wife at home." (John Prine)

At least something will come along and replace it soon... I hope ;)

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